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Luperox® for Acrylic Polymers & Coatings Resins

Luperox® for acrylics includes a variety of solutions for solvent-borne or water-borne coating resins synthesis

Peroxide Benefits

As compared with traditional options like azo-initiators or persulfates, organic peroxides offer a range of benefits:

  • No sulfuric acid by-products generated
  • Increased monomer conversion, low residuals
  • Lower molecular weight, lower solution viscosity
  • Narrow molecular weight distribution
  • Higher solids content resin solutions, leading to reduction in volatile organic contents


Arkema filed the original patent on use of tertiary-amyl organic peroxides for coatings resins synthesis.  As compared with tertiary-butyl organic peroxides, t-amyl products are well suited to coatings resins synthesis for these reasons:

  • More polymer chains generated, with lower molecular weight
  • Radicals generated are more selective, reducing hydrogen abstraction (crosslinking)
  • Less long chain branching, better control over molecular weight and viscosity

Tert-amyl vs. tert-butyl peroxides for coatings resins

The lower energy ethyl radical generated by the decomposition of a tert-amyl organic peroxide is more selective than the methyl radical generated by a tert-butyl analog product. Selectivity leads to less branching (hydrogen abstraction) and results in resins with lower viscosity and lower molecular weight.

Luperox for Coatings Resins

Browse products and solutions:

Luperox® 554M75

tert-amyl peroxypivalate

Luperox 554

Luperox® 575

tert-amyl peroctoate

Luperox® 26

tert-butyl peroctoate

Luperox® 531

1,1-di-(tert-amylperoxy) cyclohexane

Luperox® 331

1,1-di-(tert-butylperoxy) cyclohexane

Luperox® 270


Luperox 270

Luperox® 7

tert-butyl peroxyacetate

Luperox® P

tert-butyl peroxybenzoate

Luperox® 533

Ethyl-3,3-di-(tert-amylperoxy) butyrate

Luperox® DI

di-tert-butyl peroxide

Luperox® DTA

di-tert-amyl peroxide

Luperox® TBH 70X

tert-butyl hydroperoxide