Luperox® for Crosslinking

Luperox® crosslinking serves a variety of industries, including automotive, wire & cable, and oil & gas.

Peroxide Benefits

  • Used for both unsaturated and saturated polymers
  • Exceptional heat and aging stability
  • Excellent compression set, even at high temperatures
  • Nitrosamine-free
  • Easy to formulate and mix
  • Long compound shelf-life
  • Improved crosslink density
  • Various liquid or solid product forms available




Organic peroxides can be used alone or combined with coagents.  Crosslinking is the process of chemically joining two polymer chains. For synthetic and natural rubber crosslinking, Arkema peroxides provide rubber and elastomers with outstanding mechanical, thermal, and chemical resistance performance.  A crosslink is a carbon-to-carbon bond between adjacent polymer chains.  


Organic peroxides decompose when exposed to heat, and produce free radicals.

These radicals abstract hydrogen atoms from the polymer backbones. This is possible both in unsaturated and saturated polymers. Two macro radicals can then recombine to create a direct C-C bond between adjacent polymer chains.

Peroxide Cure offers Improvements in Mechanical Performance

Using bis-peroxide to cure rubber and elastomers will improve compression set, tensile strength, and modulus.  Figure 1 data shown is based on an Arkema internal study using Vul-Cup® peroxide in a nitrile rubber compound press-cured at 166°C for varying lengths of time.


ODR torque indicates the compound is 95% cured in just under 40 minutes at this temperature, and exhibits improved mechanical properties. In the chart this is shown by the (t95).

Luperox for Crosslinking

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Peroxide Granules

Granules minimize dusting during handling and use


Peroxide Masterbatch

Masterbatch offers improved dispersion in many compounds


Peroxide Powder

Powders are standard grade peroxide and inert mineral mix


Technically Pure Peroxide

Semi-solid or crystalline peroxides without any inert filler




Pastes and Powders for Silicones

Formulated peroxides adapted to silicone rubbers



Scorch Protected

Reduce loss due to scorch in high temperature mixing




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