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Luperox® grades for pultrusion and SMC/BMC


Luperox® organic peroxides with different reactivity levels are available worldwide for high-temperature pultrusion and sheet or molding compound curing applications.

Available formulations:


Luperox® P: applicable in SMC/BMC and pultrusion for curing temperatures 120 to 160°C and low residual styrene content.


Luperox® 231: offers rapid cure for pultrusion application over 140°C and longer pot life when used with heavy metal promoters.


Luperox® 331: offers rapid cure for pultrusion application over 160°C and long pot-life when used with heavy metal promoters.  Available as 50% or 80% active in hydrocarbon solvent.


Luperox® 256: high efficiency for pultrusion, offering up to 50% reduction in required dose


Luperox® 531: versatile product for both SMC/BMC and pultrusion.  Long pot life and faster cure.  Available as 60% or 80% in hydrocarbon solvent.


Luperox® 575: Easy to mix liquid with compatibility in most common solvents. Offers rapid pultrusion curing above 120°C.  Available neat or as 75% in hydrocarbon solvent.


Luperox® TBICM75: Uesful for food contact applications and residual styrene reduction at process temperatures above 120°C.


Luperox® MC: Rapid gel-to-cure cycle product for SMC/BMC.  At 150° cure time is under 12 minutes in most molding compounds.


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