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Luperox® K and Z grades – Europe/Asia


Luperox® K and Z grades are formulated to assist efficient curing of unsaturated polyester or vinyl ester resins and gel coats used in reinforced composites applications.

Available formulations:


Luperox® K1S: standard grade with 9.0-9.4% active oxygen and dimethyl phthalate diluent. Recommended for use in gel coat, due to low hydrogen peroxide content.


Luperox® K1G: standard grade with 9.0-9.4% active oxygen. This formulation uses a phthalate-free diluent and is recommended for use in curing of polyesters and gel coats.


Luperox® K2: methyl-isobutyl ketone peroxide provides short curing cycles at temperatures from 60°C to 120°C. Recommended for manufacture of flat & corrugated sheets in continuous processes.


Luperox® K3: acetyl acetone peroxide for fast curing and heat dissipation useful for continuous production techniques. Recommended for color-sensitive applications in combination with accelerators. Not recommended for gel coats or vinyl-ester. 


Luperox® K10: high activity product with 9.7-10.0% active oxygen. Offers fast gel & cure time for a variety of orthothalic resin systems.


Luperox® K12G: lower activity product, with phthalate-free diluent. Offers longer gel times in ortho and isophthalic resin systems. Useful during warm weather and recommended for vinyl-ester resins due to low hydrogen peroxide content.


Luperox® K18: high activity product with 9.7-10.0% active oxygen for higher peak exotherm. Recommended for hand lay-up or spray-up, especially during cold weather months.


Luperox® Z11G: 7.5-7.9% active oxygen phthalate-free blend with high activity for fastest gel and cure time under 16 minutes and peak exotherm over 160°C.