Luperstop® and Term-N-ator® P PVC shortstoppers

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Arkema's patented Luperstop® GH1096 and TermNator® P shortstoppers are designed for suspension PVC applications to enhance resin color and quality.  Both products can also be used at high concentrations as reaction killers.

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Luperstop® GH1096

Arkema's patented Luperstop® GH1096 hydroxy-tempo PVC shortstopper is designed for suspension PVC applications and is more active than conventional stoppers for quenching damaging radicals during polymerization. Arkema's studies have revealed a shortstopper to residual peroxide molar ratio < 1 when used with peroxydicarbonates. Clearly GH1096 provides outstanding stopping performance. This novel chemistry is water soluble and does not require solvent dilution. PVC resins protected by Luperstop® shortstoppers exhibit improved whiteness. Luperstop® GH1096 is approved for food contact PVC resin applications in Europe.

TermNator® P

Arkema's application patented TermNator® P diethyl hydroxylamine shortstopper offers a safer and less toxic solution for polymerization control than other products in the market today. Processes involving both peroxyester and peroxydicarbonates to produce PVC function well with TermNator® P from 50ppm-150ppm. In this concentration, TermNator® P can improve whiteness of finished resins. At much higher concentrations, TermNator® P is an outstanding reaction killer, even in circumstances where continuous reactor stirring or agitation has failed. At 5000-6000 ppm, a runaway PVC reaction can be stopped in 30 seconds. As a shortstopper, the concentrations needed are similar for TermNator® P and Luperstop®. TermNator® P has the added benefit of unique reaction killing performance.

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  • Building and construction
  • Chemical and plastics industry


  • Anti-yellowing agent
  • Catalyst for resin
  • Catalyst support
    • Processing aid
  • Polymerization
  • Shortstopper
  • Shortstopper of polymerisation